11 Fatal Mistakes Bloggers Make : Things To Avoid

11 Fatal Mistakes Bloggers Make : Things To Avoid“Failure is wonderful. I thank failure because without mistakes I would never be the blogger I am today. I would never have traveled the world or quit my job for good. You might be worried, or anxious, or out and out terrified by failure, or what your blogging future holds. I feel your pain. Honestly.”

“Many of my readers know my background; I struggled horribly to become a successful blogger. My audience? Crickets….and boy were they loud! Every day, crickets and silence. I also had a terrible time trying to build my online businesses through blogging. All in all I stank it up. But I learned. I decided that I was a making blogging mistakes but I was not the blogging mistakes. Big difference between the 2.”

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by Terence “Teary Eyezs” Williams curated from shoutmeloud.com

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