11 Fatal Mistakes Bloggers Make : Things To Avoid

11 Fatal Mistakes Bloggers Make : Things To Avoid“Failure is wonderful. I thank failure because without mistakes I would never be the blogger I am today. I would never have traveled the world or quit my job for good. You might be worried, or anxious, or out and out terrified by failure, or what your blogging future holds. I feel your pain. Honestly.”

“Many of my readers know my background; I struggled horribly to become a successful blogger. My audience? Crickets….and boy were they loud! Every day, crickets and silence. I also had a terrible time trying to build my online businesses through blogging. All in all I stank it up. But I learned. I decided that I was a making blogging mistakes but I was not the blogging mistakes. Big difference between the 2.”

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by Terence “Teary Eyezs” Williams curated from shoutmeloud.com

Spice Up Your Blog Threaded Comment Style For Blogger

Spice Up Your Blog Threaded Comment Style For Blogger“I have received a lot of Emails and comments over the last year or so asking about the comments we use here on Spice Up Your Blog. When Blogger introduced threaded comments early last year I wanted a bright looking comment section with the authors comments easy to distinguish from readers comments.

The solution we came up with using some simple CSS adds some cool style to the comment and avatars as well as showing the author comment (That would be your comments on your blog) in a different color. We also overlap the commenter name with their avatar. All unique features for Blogger comments and originally for Spice Up Your Blog but so many have copied it without permission I though we might as well share it with all our readers.”

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by Terence “Teary Eyezs” Williams curated from spiceupyourblog.com

Blogging For Money


Blogging For Money

    Don’t believe the hype! Anyone can learn how to blog like the pro bloggers do. You don’t need any special skills to get started and you most certainly don’t need to know how to build a blogging website. More and more people are blogging for money after they realize just how easy it is to get started. Your literally just moments away from having your first post completed and published online for the whole world to see. Repeat that very same step as little as a few times a week or as much as every single day and you are now an official blogger. Blogging jobs are increasing greatly around the world as people are seeing for the first time just how simple and easy it can be to get up and going. The possibilities and ideas are endless. You can write about any and everything because the internet is your open door to letting the world know about your ideas and opinions. And with that being said you can never run out of ideas blogging for money. Record your ideas, report about different news topic, write reviews on products and services and even sell the exact same or similar products and services for profit. There is no limit to what can be done. This is what the best blog sites online are already doing.

    blogging for money - best blog sites

    Now you may be extremely new to blogging and want to know what is blogging or what is a blog for that matter. Blog simply means “Web Log” and for the most part they are simply diaries or stories online that may or may not include videos, writings, articles, pictures and more. A blog would usually allow the reader to leave a comment or link about what they have just read creating what is now known as the blogosphere. Blogs can be about any person, place, thing, topic or whatever you choose. Your mind is the only limit when it comes to what you can actually achieve while blogging. Most of all I personally find it fun and exciting. I use blogging as a way of expressing myself and writing my ideas down and sharing them with the world. How much more exciting can it be blogging for money just by writing down the thoughts and ideas that come to your head. Many of the world’s best blog sites offer bloggers, blogging jobs for this exact same reason. Many more are blogging for money by starting their own blog website. But whether you are a seasoned veteran or a newbie it is always good to be a part of a Blogging System that can actually boost your efforts ten times or more then you would normally get from an attempt at blogging for money on your own.

    Many people are now seeking a part time job in these economic hard times to make ends meet and many more are already working more than one job currently. Many still have not grasped the simplicity of how blogging for money can replace any part time job and eventually supercede your earning in any full time position. When I first got started a few months ago I worried about what I would write about, if people would like what I write about, how I would go about writing and so much more. You name it and I was worried about it. I came up with every excuse in the book to convince myself that blogging for money was simply not for me and I would be wasting my time. Well now I’m literally sitting here telling you that the best jobs in the world are blogging jobs. Now I must admit that I never thought it would be this easy blogging for money because like many I thought it required some type of special skill or special training. Things I didn’t have at all when I got started. But the truth is I signed up with Level One Network, followed the easy instruction videos they have placed in the my new back office online and made my very first post in the middle of my training session. That very same post sits on page one of Google still to this day for the keyword that I chose to write about. Again, you don’t have to know how to make money blogging, you simply need the desire to start blogging for money. Everything you need to know is taught with simplicity so anyone can do it. You don’t even have to go through trying to figure out the best blog sites or doing any type of comparisons. Level One Network by far give everyone, from newbies to pro bloggers everything they need to start blogging for money today.

    Even though there are plenty of blogging jobs available out there I chose to build me a website and cross link it with the Blogging System I use every single day. Blogging for money gives me the freedom to do what I want, when I want and most of all how I want to every day of life now. Whether I’m sitting by the pool enjoying the nice Houston weather, taking a trip to the destination of my choosing or simply at home cooking up my favorite dishes I’m constantly coming up with great ideas to blog about. Blogging for money is one of those blogging jobs that really can’t be described as a job at all. I encourage any and everyone to get started blogging for money today and learn how easy and simple it is to replace your part time or full time position else where in no time. Just follow the link below and if at any time you need assistance I’m always here to help or answer any questions you may have.

    Blogging For Money

    Blogging For Money

    by Terence “Teary Eyezs” Williams