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Level One Network - The Next Level Of Online Marketing

Level One Network – The Next Level Of Online Marketing

Whether your a blogger, looking to become a blogger or simply want to write about and boost your business. This Level One Network review should help you decide if it is indeed for you. I have been with Level One Network for a little while now and I will be sharing my good and bad first hand experiences with the system as a newbie to the blogging world. Currently I am using Level One Network to promote and drive traffic to a completely separate business and product I am involved in. By following the easy step by step video training that Level One Network’s developer has provided. I have achieved the greatest success when it comes to getting exposure and I have just gotten started.

Level One Network is a new, already made Blogging website that you can just sign in and start blogging from. I find the system to be truly one of a kind when it comes to blogging networks. Dan Miller, the creator and founder of Level One Network has made this system for you and I to be able to have a leveled playing ground when it comes to promoting our business or product and getting exposure. In this review we will go over some key points surrounding Level One Network so you can make that sound decision on if it’s right for you and/or your business, but first I want to go over what actual brought me searching for another network prior to making the best decision my money has ever made.

Level One Network

I had recently gotten started with blogging online when I joined Empower Network, just 3 weeks before joining Level One Network. Now I’m not gonna bad mouth Empower Network and yes I still use it today, however I am not a affiliate and I do not actively promote it in anyway, shape form or fashion. Never have, and I seriously doubt if I ever will now that I have found a better foundation with Level One Network. It’s not that it’s not a good Blogging Website to use, I just personally found it to be difficult to use because of the lack of training the most and even more difficult to get the results I was looking for because of it. The training was all talk, literally! Not even a runner up for the best blog sites in my opinion. You see, when you buy something, the main thing you want it to do is exactly what it says it will do. I mean, who buys a car and becomes ok with it if it’s not running the way it is suppose to be running? That’s what getting Empower Network was to me. I just didn’t find any information on the lower end that could help me or that would influence me to purchase anything else they had to offer. That’s like buying a car and quickly taking it to a mechanic to get it running. I don’t know about you but when I buy a car, I want it to be ready to do what I paid for it to do. Even if it takes a little work from me in learning how to operate it. And that is just what Level One Network is doing for me…it simply works!

Level ONe Network Blogging System

With the videos I watched on Empower Network all I got was talk, talk and more talk. The Dave’s seem to be talking me into just buying more of their stuff when they had not really taught me how to handle what I had just paid for. Now if your a seasoned vet and you already know this stuff then that may be fine and dandy but what about the new guy? What about the newbie that wants to get started blogging for money? You’ll find yourself stuck like Chuck in my opinion with Empower Network. Again, Empower Network is great and I know I seem like I’m bashing it but all I’m saying is that it didn’t work for me. What seems like bashing is really the disappointment I feel. I still however use Empower Network to help boost other things I am doing in my business but I doubt it be for very long. I think most people stick with it because it has a high Alexa ranking but what good is that doing for you and your business when you can’t be found?

I find it fascinating that with Level One Network you get main page exposure. That’s right, every time you blog you get main page exposure on Level One Network’s main home page. That is simply amazing. Your not hiding behind the owner’s main page. Everyone on the Network shares in the same exposure. Take a look at the main page and I’m sure you’ll agree that no other system gives you this. Unlike my experience with Empower Network, Level One Network has all the training that makes me feel like a newbie King. Dan Miller actually takes the time and go over everything step by step to where my grandmother could understand how to use this system. But, of course I don’t think it’s her thing, lol.

But you really want to know about Level One Network and how to make money blogging still, right? So let’s get back to it. I’m gonna break it all down with what I know so far and keep in mind I’m not even HALF way through all the training that Dan has set-up. That is how powerful Level One Network is. No hype, no fluff, just pure results. Click Here

The Most Affordable Business Online

Level One Network – Blogging System
A True Network Blogging System.
Imagine, your very own personal blogging website that is tied directly with the network giving you main page exposure every single time you blog. And if that wasn’t enough, your blogs are in the main page network RSS feed. Nothing like feeding a hungry search engine with content. I really think Google has a crush on LevelOne Network but I won’t speculate, lol. Did I mention your content is strategically categorized for the search engines? Hello…

Level One Network – Training System
Weekly Live Training Seminars.
With LevelOne Network you also get World class training from individuals, as well as the developer of the network Dan Miller himself. When I tell you Dan has gone above and beyond to make this training so that even the newest of newbies could easily grasp it and get top rank I mean just that and I am a living testimony. I was lucky even enough to be a part of the #1 and growing team on LevelOne Network, Team Freedom. More about this private group of professionals in a bit.

Level One Network – Marketing System
Professional Marketing System.
You get a full marketing system including multiple landing pages for you to choose from that include integration with Aweber, GetResponse and GVO to assist you in building your list and capturing your referrals. Now I give props where props are do and I am honest about what I say about this system however I can tell you that the one thing I didn’t like that could be a little better is the landing pages. That being said, the developer is making more that will be revealed shortly, however that does not take away from it’s power as a network.

Level One Network – Advertising System
Inclusion In Our National Ads.
The developer of Level One Network has a national ad program helping each affiliate receive traffic and referrals right from the very start. Understand that we are not talking about a mere month or two but an entire year you get automatic inclusion. I personally received my 1st sign up just by blogging. I don’t know about you but it’s exciting to get something like a sign up from Level One Network that you were not even looking for.

In my own personal opinion I have found there to be only one blogging website that has really taught me what is blogging. Level One Network has worked for me from day 1 when I started using it. I have seen and am seeing nothing but amazing results. I am also a part of the #1 team in Level One Network which is Team Freedom. No matter what questions I have had there was ALWAYS someone there with the right answer. My excitement for being a part of this group is as equal as my excitement for joining Level 1 Network. By joining us today you will also get to be a part of Level One Networks #1 support group Team Freedom. Tell them Teary Eyezs sent you… Oh, and one last important detail before I forget: 100% Commissions Paid Directly Into Your Bank Account, or Paid Weekly By Check! – Your Choice… #Cheers :) Welcome To The Next Level of Online Marketing… The Most Affordable Business Online – Level One Network

Welcome To The Next Level Of Online Marketing

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