Spice Up Your Blog Threaded Comment Style For Blogger

Spice Up Your Blog Threaded Comment Style For Blogger“I have received a lot of Emails and comments over the last year or so asking about the comments we use here on Spice Up Your Blog. When Blogger introduced threaded comments early last year I wanted a bright looking comment section with the authors comments easy to distinguish from readers comments.

The solution we came up with using some simple CSS adds some cool style to the comment and avatars as well as showing the author comment (That would be your comments on your blog) in a different color. We also overlap the commenter name with their avatar. All unique features for Blogger comments and originally for Spice Up Your Blog but so many have copied it without permission I though we might as well share it with all our readers.”

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by Terence “Teary Eyezs” Williams curated from spiceupyourblog.com

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